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Rich Malanchak

Senior Technical Trainer

Chris Davis

Executive Director
Contents Division Management

James Tole

Software & Job Management

Ben Umberger

Art Restoration & Specialty Item Recovery

The Fireline name is Synonymous with Contents Restoration and is the most recognized contents industry brand.

In 2005, Fireline developed and introduced the “Ultrasonic” Contents Restoration Assembly Line to the industry. This innovation set into motion the Modern Day Contents Restoration Movement.

Fireline also established the first formal contents training programs for ultrasonic cleaning and electronics restoration. Although our concepts have been imitated our service methodologies and industry innovations have never been duplicated.

“Growth is Impossible without Change” Contents restoration is entering a state of Hyper Evolution. Meeting customer expectations is a necessity and just being average may no longer be good enough to survive in today’s evolving contents industry. This is precisely why the Fireline Contents Network was created.

Fireline provides restorers with an all-inclusive turnkey services Network that provides restorers with the knowledge, skills, and capability to not just survive but to excel in an increasingly competitive services environment.