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The Fireline Story

Fireline a subsidiary of Ultrasonics International Corp.(UIC)

By the late 90’s several companies were selling ultrasonic cleaning equipment into the contents restoration industry. Although many restorers invested in the technology there were initially more questions than answers. Cleaning results were inconsistent and sporadic and many became disillusioned with the technology.

When Ultrasonics International Corp. (UIC) became aware of the dilemma we immediately set out to solve the problem and in 2003 UIC co-founded The Restoration Alliance. The RA was the first contents services training organization to offer formal education in the areas of ultrasonic cleaning sciences and electronics restoration. The introduction of our technical workshops had an immediate positive impact on those utilizing ultrasonics and soon other restorers began to invest in the technology. In 2005 through continuing evolution of our training programs and technology advancements Ultrasonics International Corp. introduced Fireline Systems to the contents industry.

Fireline was a new concept and contents industry breakthrough that marked beginning of the Modern Day Contents Restoration movement. Fireline was the first and original ultrasonic contents restoration assembly-line system and still remains the system of choice for the Contents Restoration Services Professional.

Fireline Training Centers is the industry’s premier contents restoration training and education company and our mission is to make our customers more efficient, productive and profitable. Over the years we have developed several procedures and processes that today have become industry standard methodology. Those who employ our systematic protocols see measurable gains in efficiency, productivity and profitability.